Distracted Cellist

On a Quest to Focus



Daria – A Distracted Cellist

*January 1991 in Graz, Austria

Current location: United Kingdom

Instrument: Sam the cello

Mission Statement: to make your eyes shine




I am someone who loves talking about the things she loves. Normal, right? Except, as a classically trained musician it’s surprisingly hard to find people to talk to, especially people my age and outside of college. Who even listens to classical music anymore? Who can afford it? Who understands it? I’m either met with confused faces, or blatant elitism by those who consider themselves to be part of this exclusive club called “lovers of classical music”. On the other side, I encounter musicians who very often are unable to talk about anything but classical music. Everything else is deemed unimportant, taking away precious time that could be used for vital things like practice. And more practice.


So here I am, in the middle. I love what I do, I love playing the cello, and I adore my collection of concerto, chamber music and symphony recordings. On the other hand, I’m an avid gamer, my collection of British TV shows has taken on scary dimensions, and 70s rock’n’roll occupies a special place in my heart (and brain). And lately, I’ve been wondering why the establishment of classical music seems so disinterested in inviting new audiences into this beautiful world of sound. Classical music has become an ivory tower with a heavily guarded gate, and only those well-versed in the subject matter are allowed to enter.


Well, I’m going to tear down that gate. Come inside and have a look around!


Photo credit (Header, About, Profile) © Maria Frodl (mariafrodl.com)