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Meeting Benjamin Zander

Before we start, I’d just like to address one point: I know that in my previous post, I said that I’d move away from topics that are quite general, or only relate to my own experience with and perspective on classical music. However, writing about more sensitive topics requires a lot of research, in order to craft sound arguments and thus do them justice. So for the sake of keeping the blog going on a semi-regular basis, I’ll be doing a number of more personal posts, while working on the more complicated ones in the background – I don’t want to mess it up, after all. So I hope you’ll enjoy a series of more reflective and personal essays, as I prepare the bigger articles that are on my mind.


Today, I would like to talk about what it was like to meet someone who more or less opened my eyes to viewing my profession, and role in this world, in a completely new light.
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